Workforce Housing Zone

Require that large scale residential developments either include or build affordable workforce units. Developers would have the option to pay a fee in-lieu of which would be used to build more workforce/affordable units.


Our inspection system is archaic. We need to upgrade our technology so that we can better track landlords and hold them accountable. With the correct system, troublesome landlords would be flagged and then assigned points for violations.

We should require landlords to take a certification course which covers discrimination, housing codes, resources and other pertinent information.


We need to increase homeownership in targeted neighborhoods surrounding our schools. We need to target three groups of individuals to become homeowners in Allentown: current families, school district staff and city employees. Increased homeownership will decrease the transiency and chronic absenteeism in the school district. Numerous studies show that when school staff live in the same neighborhood as their students, positive academic and social gains are made. When police and city staff live in the neighborhood that they are serving the safety and quality of resources improves as well.