Allentown can only grow as our communities grow. We must ensure a community benefits ordinance, so all of our neighborhoods have a voice and representation.

For our communities to be safe, they must have access to education, jobs, and public services. Our citizens must have a critical voice in policing practices. There must be transparency & accountability between public servants and the people they serve.

Housing is a human right. We must ensure our homeless population has the opportunity to succeed and the autonomy to make those decisions. We must provide a year-long warming shelter.

Allentown has qualified individuals looking for jobs, and it’s our responsibility to make sure they have the resources to find them. Not only through neighborhood job centers but also through incentivizing developers to hire Allentown residents.

Strong Communities create stronger schools. ASD students deserve someone who will advocate for them. We need to reimagine what the education system looks like by examining the root causes of our school district’s issues.