Hire Local

Allentown residents should have the first opportunity to apply for jobs in Allentown, especially at large corporations in tax subsidized zones. Qualified Allentown residents should also receive preferential treatment in the hiring process within the confines of the law. The City must be the first to lead in this effort and provide residents with the first chance to apply and interview for City jobs.

We can make hiring Allentown residents easier for companies by hosting Allentown Only Job Fairs and waiving the encroachment permit fee so that businesses can set up tables outside for on the spot interviews.


On an annual basis business should report the number of Allentown residents and type of employment as well as any training programs that are offered for residents. Companies should have a set time period to meet employment goals, especially in tax subsidized zones.

Job centers

Careerlink started a job center on Hamilton Street specifically for hiring at the arena and surrounding restaurants. This effort combined with the job fair, resulted in over 80% Allentown residents in the initial workforce in the NIZ. We need to replicate this effort by opening satellite neighborhood job centers where residents can learn job skills and have access to technology to obtain employment.

Municipal Identification

A valid photo ID opens opportunities for residents to open bank accounts, enter into their children’s public school buildings, apply for a job and establish identity when interacting with law enforcement. Municipal ID will help the most vulnerable community members including homeless residents, youth in the foster system, the low income, the formerly incarcerated, undocumented persons and individuals with mental and physical barriers to obtaining documentation.